Cost: $5 per week plus $20 at the end of year for overall winner ($105)

Pick every game that week with the spread.Give your pick for the total points that will be scored in the Monday night game(tie break #2).Official spreads will be at NFL on Yahoo! Sports - News, Scores, Standings, Rumors, Fantasy Games at 6:30pm on the Thursday of that week.All whole spreads will go down by ½ point.Eg. Pitt -3 Mia. will become 2 ½…Den -3 ½ ST.L will stay at 3 ½.

Designate one of those games as your 3-point pick.If you win that game you will receive 3 points.All other games are worth one point.There is no limit on the # of times

you can pick a particular team for your 3-pointer during the year. The person with the most points after that weeks games wins the prize money of $5 per person.EG.15 players ,YOU WIN $75(minus your own)

Tie break

  1. player with the most # of games won that week
  2. -player whose Monday night total is closest to the Monday nightgame total points.If still tied,money will be split.
  3. player whose Monday night total is closest without going over.

Note: If you lose a tie break, you do not pay $5 for that week.



Entry fee:$10 one time payment.

Pick one team to win or tie that week.No spread.If you don’t lose,you advance to the next week.If you lose,you are out.You cannot pick the same team more than once during this pool. Eg. If you pick Denver in week one and win,you can’t pick Denver again. Ever!Last one standing wins all the money.

There will be a magic number.This means the pool will have to get down to this # of players or less. Eg. If the magic # is 5,there will have to be 5 or less players left at any point during the pool.If there are 6 players left and all 6 lose that same week, all other players will be invited back into the pool at a cost of $5,and the pool will start over.The 6 who lost will not have to pay the re-entry fee. The magic # will be set prior to the start of season,and will depend on the # of entries.Picks must be in Thursdays by 8pm.If you are eliminated in the first week,you may re-enter the pool at a cost of $20.This is only good for week # 1.

I you have any questions just ask Jimbo.

You can get your picks in at e-mail JMCEWAN@ROGERS.COM