GSPro Courses


Beta courses are available through course list. Add this to your GSPro course server list for regular updates.


Here are a couple resoures that I've used/worked on while building out my courses.

  • Distance Marker Layout

    Provides a Distance Marker Layout script/prefab that allows for quick addition and measurement of distance markers. Simply drag the prefab to a green, configure and create your markers, then drag them to their appropriate location. Finally, apply them to the required terrain (if you wish).


  • Bulk Vegetation Pro Colliders

    Unity asset to configure (enable/disable) vegetation studio pro colliders. After installed use the menu Tools / Bulk Collider Configure



I've always been a fan of virtual golf, and more recently I've been introduced to the Open Course Design process for GSPro and I've slowly been starting to build a bunch of local courses in the GTA. Although it would be nice to get some of them posted to the Simulator Golf Tour the majority will probably remain only available through this site.

Setup the course list using the following steps:

  1. Open GSPro
  2. Select Local Game
  3. In the top right corner of the Course List click the server/download button
  4. Enter the address and click Add Server