Taboo Muskoka Resort & Golf

As soon as you arrive at the first tee at Taboo, you understand what makes this golf course a Top 100 Course in Canada. The rugged and vibrant Canadian Shield landscape is a big part of what makes golf here truly special, including graceful white pines, mature red oaks and bold and pink granite outcroppings.


Renovated in 2019 there are a number of changes that are not available with the current elevation data. I've taken some liberties by merging some of the notable changes while keeping older layouts that would have been too difficult to change manually.




  • Course configuration and basic vegetation

Note that I've never played Taboo, if someone with more course knowledge would like to chat and walk through any missing notable areas (specifically rock faces that may be hidden by trees) feel free to reach out to me



Taboo Muskoka Resort & Golf splash image


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