Husbanding, fathering, developing and golfing... way to retirement! Since I've obviously got a ways to go, I do my best to keep busy. When I'm not out on the course or playing other room I'm online playing around with stuff. Stuff that gets posted about here.

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A Project or Two

React Native Bluetooth Classic

While developing Standardbred Canada mobile application I was required to write (well I guess I could have not used React Native) a plugin that provided Bluetooth Classic functionality to both Android and IOS. There were numerous plugins for Android, but most of them fell back to BLE for their IOS implementations. Starting with the great base of React Native Bluetooth Serial I was able to get External Accessory up and running for IOS.

Check out the project docs.

I wish I was Golfing

When it's not snowing or cold!

TODO - finish and publish Gatsby Golf Canada source/transform plugin.