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Ken Davidson

Databases for Developers

Technology, Databases1 min read

I came across one of the best sets of videos, geared for developers in understanding and working with databases. I fully realize my limitations when it comes to the DBA side of things - and those that have this knowledge are close to the gods in my mind. Hopefully if you come across this you give Chris Saxon a follow, as he definitely deserves it!!

Blog Link(s)

He writes for the Oracle Developer blog (a quick Google) which I've started following as well:

Oracle Developer Blog

Youtube Link(s)

He has a wide assortment of developer (related) videos for using, managing and troubleshooting databases.

Channel Database for Developers playlist

ps. He's got a pretty solid mustache game!!

pps. He also replies to every single comment on his posts and videos. Seems like a solid guy!

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