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Ken Davidson

What's Open on my Chrome Tabs Right Now

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It seems like it's a popular thing to write about how many and which books people have been reading, but recently I read a post by Chris Coyier about some of the recent blog posts he's read recently. On top of the fact that everyone should be reading his articles, it was super interesting to read that a guy, a who's who in the industry, is still reading and learning from others. It kind of made me question:

  • Was it just a random find that he found while going down the Google rabbit hole?
  • Was it something he specifically searched for?

Regardless of what brought him to those posts, the important thing was that he was doing the exact same thing as me, joe schmo (also if you haven't seen that show, please watch it).

So Many Tabs!!

It's not uncommon for me to have over 50 tabs open at a time

Hey Google, could you please make Chrome have multiple levels of tabs? Or have an ellipsis to allow me to see all the tabs that aren't currently showing. You don't know how annoying it is to open that 51st (or whatever the magic number is) tab and not be able to click on it until more are closed.

Anyhow, I don't know why I leave them open?

Saving it for later

Sometimes you open something and plan to look it over later.

I just found it and got pulled away

Having a 4 year old is crazy. You get started on something and then its other room time. Let's be serious, when you have a choice between reading something online and letting your kid ride you like a horse... you always pick horse!

I'm still attempting to digest

This is a big one and actually the main purpose for the post(s). I'll be the first to admit that I don't remember everything! Ya, I said it. I concentrate on understanding the why, moreso than remembering the how. For example, I (personally) believe it's more important to remember what's possible and why it's possible, rather than the exact command line or API required to get things done. Because of that though, I tend to have to look up a lot of references when working on projects.

Open Tabs

With all that said, let's take a peak at what I've got open:

  • emails are always open.
  • Customizing Gatsby Image Display I've been attempting to familiarize myself with the inner workings of Gatsby Image recently.
  • Understanding Gatsby Images because I really want to understand everything there is to do with them.
  • Higher Order Functions in Typescript I was having trouble with a HOC typing.
  • Manage your TS project with Lerna determining whether Lerna is the right choice for my next project Caddieasy
  • The importance of learning CSS Josh Comeau is a genius. Everyone that is interested in front end development needs to read his stuff on a regular basis.
  • 20 best UI component libraries again, checking out some libraries that might be worth while learning while implementing Caddieasy
  • Color Schemes Always looking to steal some color palettes.
  • Building a Raspberry Pi 3 Baby Monitor I forget how I came across Kamran Ayub's site, but I was following the rabbit hole and found this article. I've been debating trying to write my own automated home system (garage door management) and thought that the Raspberry Pi part could be beneficial.
  • Coolors picking a palette for a website is hard when you don't have paid professional designers spoon feeding you idea. (hint hint, any professional designers)
  • React Timeline Storybook I was looking at implementing it as a timeline on my site. I decided to go substantially simpler, but left it open just incase. I've since closed it
  • Gatsby SSR You can never read to much about Gatsby.
  • CSS::nth-last-of-type() following the rabbit hole of CSS. I've been attempting to get a little more comfortable working with CSS and front end technology.
  • Fluid Typography Man.. this is a whole topic on it's own, there are a couple tabs open regarding this subject. I didn't think that typography would be so interesting, but it is!
  • Simplified Fluid Typography told you
  • Gatsby Mdx Plugin Source Nodes again... you can't get too much of this stuff
  • PrismJS Style Generator
  • DDD in Practice I don't know if it's just me, but DDD feels like everything we've been taught not to do. But at the same time it's everything that I've been questioning about why not to do what we aren't supposed to do. I keep on telling myself I'm going to start a project solely based on DDD, I've been thinking about a live golf scoreboard app. I just need to jump in!
  • Javascript Ramblings As someone who is open with their distaste for typeless languages, I'm doing my best to get onboard as I accept this is the future, this blog is full of great articles regarding Javascript.
  • Yarn Just as a reference this site stays open. I'm getting more and more comfortable with Yarn (over npm) but as I mentioned before, there are lots of things I don't memorize.
  • Styled Components and Typescript since I decided to go back to styled-components and typescript I've needed to review and research the available types and features available.
  • Google Fonts cause why not?
  • Chris Coyier another genius that everyone needs to be following and reading on a regular basis.
  • Inscape Tutorials the fact that I'm so absolutely horrible at design and graphical anything, makes me want to read as many articles as I can, in the hopes that osmosis will take over and one day I'll just get it.
  • http://localhost:8000/___graphql
  • http://localhost:8000
  • Malby KE4 Looking at picking up a new Driver/3Wood combination for this season.
  • Stiff vs Regular Shafts With new clubs comes the required decision on shaft. With Covid being a thing, as well as me not wanting to see the puppy dog eyes of the club fitter at Golf Town, it's going to come down to an educated guess.
  • Adding a 404 custom layout I couldn't actually figure how this article. I attempted what he was doing, but it just wasn't working. I'm assuming it's due to the difference in using wrapPageElement and not using wrapPageElement. Since I wam using it, I had to split my <SiteTemplate> into both <SiteLayout> and <StandardLayout> which worked.
  • Converting Gatsby Node to Typescript again I've been having a hell of a time converting to Typescript for the Gatsby config files. Whether it's the typings or my completely lack of understanding, some work and some don't so I will continue to review the configuration.
  • GraphQL Schema GraphQL is interesting as hell, so I'm attempting to immerse myself. Whenever I get a chance I read through some of the docs.
  • Migrate from Gatsby PrismJS to Prism React Renderer The PrismJS plugin has some (um) things that I just dont like. With a little extra work it looks like Prism React Renderer does what I need. I've been reading a lot of behind the scenes Mdx and Mdast documentation which opens the door to new possibilities.
  • Drupal Database API My company is moving to a more Drupal heavy environment and for that reason I need to start boning up on my PHP and Drupal. I'm not overly thrilled about it, but it's something new and hopefully interesting.
  • Stack Overflow Java Just browsing the Stack Overflow Java, Guice, Mybatis and some other tags that I try to help out with.
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