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Connection Connector

Connection Connector

The ConnectionConnector is an abstract class that provides the basis for connecting to remote peripherals. All ConnectionConnectors(s) require the requested BluetoothDevice and a set of connection Properties.

This should have probably been an interface extending Runnable and used that way. But at this point it seems to be working well, and customizable. If things come up where it's required, it can be changed for v2.x.x


protected ConnectionConnector(BluetoothDevice device, Properties properties)

Creates an instance of the ConnectionConnector parent which will be used to connect to the requested device, using the provided properties.


device - the BluetoothDevice to which the connection is to be attempted

properties - set of Properties used for connection attempt


public void addListener(AcceptorListener<BluetoothSocket> listener)

Provides the ConnectionConnector with a listener which is notified once a connection is successful or errored.


listener - the listener to be notified upon successful connection or error


public BluetoothSocket connect(Properties properties)

Accepts to use during connection process.


properties - the properties provided during creation


public void cancel()

Attempts to cancel the connection attempt. In most cases this doesn't do much, since the connection either happens or times out (at a reasonable time).


protected void notifyListeners(BluetoothSocket result)

Notifies the listener of a successful connection, by passing the BluetoothSocket.


result - the successful BluetoothSocket


protected void notifyListeners(Exception e)

Notifies the listener of an error that occurred during the connection attempt.


result - the successful BluetoothSocket


public void run()

Implements the Thread run method. Calls the connect method during processing and either notifies the provided listener of a successful connection (BluetoothSocket) or Exception.


public interface ConnectorListener

The conector listener allows the RNBluetoothClassicModule to interact with the accepted connection or handle any errors that might have occurred.


void success(BluetoothSocket socket)

Provides an openned BluetoothSocket to the implementing listener.


socket - the BluetoothSocket which was accepted by the BluetoothServerSocket


void failure(Exception e)

Notifies the implementing listener of a failed connection attempt.


e - the Exception causing the failure


Thread just got left in there from the original implementation

Provides an implementation which performs connecting to a remote device using an rfcomm BluetoothSocket and the SPP service record.


SECURE_SOCKET - boolean value allowing the selection of listening using a secure or insecure socket. The default is true.

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