A Brief History

"I put my pants on one leg at a time, except when I'm done I make gold records!" No, sorry, that's a lie, I'm terrible with music. But I have done other stuff; not a lot, but some...

Bachelor of Computer Science

Ryerson University

Senior Application Support Specialist

Trapeze Group

When I started at Trapeze for '03 I was the brought on as the first permanent support role (previously it had been rotated through by the Operations team). The team on which I worked was responsible for supporting the Web, IVR and all external customer communication software throughout the transit industry.

Over time my responsiblities started to expand:

  • I was brought in on new product development and design.
  • I was responsible for creating and presenting new product and training sessions at the yearly users conference.
  • I started performing some bug/enhancement development to offload work from the development team.


Level 1

Marriage, it's pretty crazy. At first you're like "no way will I do that" and then you're like "ok, this seems like a pretty solid plan" and then your crazy starts to rub off on each other and you're walking around the house peaking around corners because:

  • She knows you hate being scared!
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Marriage, man - she'll get ya.


Senior Application Product Specialist

Trapeze Group

Eventually, I was asked to transition to the Operations team. My experience in working with customers and development allowed me to assist in training new hires and transitioning new projects. On top of this, I was responsible for handling some of the longer running and over budget projects - my ability to quickly discuss, document and developm (changes) allowed me to close these projects off more quickly than going through the regular process.

I also started working more closely with the product managers with regards to updating the design and technology backing the Web, IVR and Mobile Application.


Java Developer & Analyst

Eyelit Inc.

I finally crossed the line from support/analyst to full time developer, working with custom development used in the integration of Eyelit MES to client environments. This included, but was not limited to, custom communication modules using RabbitMQ,SECS/Gem, plain old REST over HTTP (along with some others). Some other interesting projects I was included on:

  • Designing initial development of the new MES Web Portal in AngularJS. This has since been re-written in Angular 8 by Lynn Chen (a solid Jr Developer that I wish I could link to).
  • Assist and mentored Emmanuel Sekoh on the SECS/GEM MES integration.
  • Initial research and development of a Java based MSMQ library.
  • Selection and integration of a static code checking solution (contractor)

More importantly, this was my first interaction with AngularJS - late to the game I know - but still where my interest in "full stack" technology started.


Commercial Web Application Development Certificate

George Brown CE

I started the course to get more experience with C# and Microsoft tools. I finished three of four before I was told that they were currently being updated to the latest technology... I've yet to hear that's been completed.



Level 1

Senior Java Developer

Standardbred Canada

Standardbred Canada was nearing the end of their legacy migration to web services, I was brought on to start phasing out the vendor development company. My primary responsiblities were the design and development of the remaining legacy modules from Basic to a Java (RESTEasy/Tomcat backed AngularJS webapp).

I've been able to work on a number of interesting projects:

  • Designed, developed and released the Standardbred Mobile app for both Android and IOS, using React Native. I've slowly been documenting the design and development process in a series of articles.
  • Soon to be starting our migration to Drupal 8 single sign on platform. So I'm going to be a Drupal (PHP) developer soon.... funzy!

React Native Bluetooth Classic

Open Source Project

Standardbred Canada Mobile

Android & IOS App