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Ken Davidson


So, I'm Ken. I'm not a big enough deal (nor trust any of my friends) to have someone write me a biography! To get through this quickly and to my level of writing, let me provide you with the communication of the Gods (a.k.a point form)!!

Husbanding & Fathering

  • I'm Married to a wonderfully amazing (and more importantly patient) woman, Sue.
  • We've been together/married for north of 10 years; don't ask me to get into the specifics - it's just all been so amazing that I can't keep track of time!
  • We've got a crazy and energetic (my doppleganger of a) son, Carson.
  • I never thought I'd be patient enough to be a father and to be honest some days I don't think I'll ever be; but I do my absolute best and think it's going well so far.
  • We try to be outside as much as possible during (all year round); watching Carson scoot around the block with his friends, checking out Halton's conservation areas, building a luge track on the front lawn, or any number of other ridiculous things we find ourselves doing.
  • When we're inside we're in other room (literally just the room adjacent to the TV room) making money playing Axe Ball.


  • I played baseball through my youth and didn't actually get into Golf until my mid twenties.
  • Even with ~20 years under my belt, I'm still pretty terrible (14 handicap).
  • I try to play two times a week (sprinkling in that third whenever the opportunity presents itself).
  • If you're a bogey golfer, feel free to hit me up for some loonie skins around the GTA.
  • What's in the bag? Callaway Rogue Driver/3 Wood, Cobra King Max 4i-GW, 56, 60


  • I graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Computer Science.
  • I went through a string of non-development roles including sales, support, implementation and design before getting back into the development game.
  • I'm currently working at Guidwire Software as a Senior Software Engineer. The main technologies I work with are Java, Kotlin, React on Spring Boot.
  • My first attempt at playing with React Native ended up in a releasing and maintaining the React Native Bluetooth Classic library. It's been an interesting ride; I've been able to help out a bunch of university/college kids working on a number of final projects.
  • I'm always attempting to work my way through new languages and framworks. The flavour de jour is Ruby on Rails which I wasn't expecting to like/be as interest in as I find myself.
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